Batch #7 Cask Strength by Backwoods Distilling Co.

And now we’ve reached the podium, with the bronze medal on my list of the best whiskies of 2022 is the @backwoodsdistillingco Single Malt Batch #7 Cask Strength. Their first bottling using white oak casks, allows their delicious natural spirit to shine and take centre stage in this well rounded and creamy whisky.

Brand: Backwoods Distilling Co.

Backwoods Single Malt Batch#7 Cask Strength Review

backwoods distilling co. batch #7 cask strength single malt whisky review by drams by dreMatured for over 4 years in American Oak, ex-aussie corn whisky casks using a mash bill of 50% Atlas pale malt, 40% Veloria schooner malt and 10% Voodoo schooner malt.

Bottled at 54% (also a 46% bottling available), this dram resembles everything I love about a good bourbon cask single malt. The cask imparts delicious sweet notes and rounds out the body whilst preserving the natural flavour of the distillery spirit, making it easy to identify the maker, even tasting it blind.

Nose: Buttered popcorn, Raffaello chocolates (coconut, white chocolate and almond), floral, vanilla buttercream frosting and toasted oak make for an interesting and captivating aroma.

Palate: The bitterness carries into the palate with a creamy, mouth-coating texture. Some oak spice makes its way into the mix of Buttered scones, shortbread biscuits and custard.

Finish: Honeyed oats dominate in a long and lingering finish. Pops of other flavours flash through as it carries with notes of candied citrus, vanilla cupcakes and apple pie. Toasted oak and coconut round out an excellent whisky.

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