“Master of Alchemy” DDH (DIPA) & “Swinging Swords and Cutting Clowns” (DDH DIPA) by Electric Brewing Company

@electricbrewingco “Master of Alchemy” DDH DIPA 8.5% abv. Hopped w/ 5 different lots of Citra.

Brewer: Electric Brewing Company

Electric Brewing Company “Master of Alchemy” & “Swinging Swords and Cutting Clowns” Review

Electric Brewing Company Master of Alchemy beer review by b33rlyalive

@electricbrewingco “Swinging Swords and Cutting Clowns” DDH DIPA 8.5% abv. Hopped w/ Galaxy.

Brewer: Electric Brewing Company

Electric Brewing Company Swinging Swords and Cutting Clowns beer review by b33rlyalive

I was very excited to try my first proper Electric DIPA, having thoroughly enjoyed the Fidens-brewed collabs. Unfortunately, it seems the two cans l obtained are well past peak freshness. Although the liquid inside looks beautiful, the hop flavor has almost completely diminished and there is a prominent aroma of oats and malty flavor in both.

They were canned in late November, so 5-6 weeks after is not an unreasonable period to enjoy these. To be fair, they were shipped from across the country and therefore spent 3 days unrefrigerated (albeit in relatively colder winter weather). I also didn’t have any issues with the Monkish and Green Cheek cans delivered in the same parcel. I’m curious if anyone has had issues with Electric cans not holding up well? Regardless, this experience exacerbates my “control freak” tendency to insist on purchasing directly from the brewery 😅 I suppose I will have to wait until my Cali trip to enjoy an Electric IPA properly!

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