Wood Finishing Series Sydney #1 Edition by Maker’s Mark

We’ve finally arrived at the pinnacle, the tippy top of whisky for 2022. Taking out the top gong is the @makersmark Wood Finishing Series Sydney #1 Edition.

Distiller: Maker’s Mark

Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series Sydney #1 Whisky Review

This bottle gets a BIG tick in each criteria i judged on: The taste is delicious with a vibrant and lively profile, the pricepoint is fantastic for a cask strength and unique Maker’s at $140 AUD, the bottle and packaging is beautiful and the unique-factor is off the charts. The fact that of all cities in the world, Rob Samuels and the Maker’s Mark team chose Sydney as the #1 edition over the likes of New York, Paris, Berlin and the other big hitters is simply awesome.

For this bottle the Maker’s gang teamed up with renowned Sydney legends in @sam.likes.drinks and @jordanwtoft to break down the flavour profile of Sydney and capture it in a bottle of Maker’s Mark. This herbaceous expression of Maker’s Mark pays homage to the vibrant people, culture and dynamic palate of the city. Meant to be enjoyed outdoors, the 110.8 proof spirit is ripe and fruit-forward.

Nose: Vibrant and lively the aroma jumps out at you bursting with fresh and fruity notes of crisp sugar, ripe orchard fruits, vanilla cream, some herbal freshness and an interesting twang i can’t quite put my finger on, but i love it.

Palate: Creamy and soft, you can let this sit on your tongue without a worry due to the lack of spice or burn. The palate is full of ripe fruits, some aussie eucalyptus, thyme, wood char, caramel and espresso. The most unique Maker’s i’ve had to date.

Finish: Long and balanced with those crisp fruits and sugars returning and a beautifully clean, floral citrus rounding out the edges as it sails off into the distance, ready for another sip.

This release was limited to 720 bottles and available exclusively at the Sydney Airport (Terminal 1), so if any of you are travelling over the holidays i’d highly recommend grabbing a bottle if there are any left!

I can’t think of a better bottle to ring in the new year with, to everyone out there i hope you have had an amazing year and an even better 2023, cheers!

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