Port and Sherry Cask Marriage Single Malt by Overeem Whisky Review

Punching its way to #6 on the list is a HUGE whisky. Coming in at 60% ABV, this whisky is an expert marriage of two 100 litre french oak port casks from @overeemwhisky in collaboration with @thewhiskylist to create this exclusive bottling.

Brand: Overeem Whisky

Overeem Whisky Port and Sherry Cask Marriage Single Malt Review

overeem whisky port and sherry mariage single malt review by drams by dre

Overeem is one of the big names in Australian whisky and for good reason the consistency and quality of their liquid is exceptional across all of their releases.

This whisky is big, bold and beautiful.

Nose: Tiramisu leaps out with strong notes of booze soaked biscuits and marscapone with shades of cocoa and coffee. Dark fruits follow of sugared plums and blackberries.

Palate: Outstanding lack of heat for a 60% whisky, I had to double take and recheck that I didn’t read it wrong. A velvety mouthfeel coats the entire mouth with rich fruity sweetness, dark chocolate and spice. Caramel and oak linger in the back.

Finish: Long finish dominated by oak and port notes. Some nuttiness makes itself known with caramel and spice

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