Asahi (Japanese Rice Lager) by Asahi Beer

@asahibeer_jp Asahi (Japanese Rice Lager) 5%

Brewer: Asahi Beer

Asahi Beer “Asahi” Review

Asahi Beer Asahi beer review by beer_reviewer

Starting off the morning with another review (just to clarify that I’m not an alcoholic who drinks a beer first thing in the morning, I’ll drink a beer the day prior then review it in the morning). Here’s what I thought of Asahi, a Japanese Rice Lager: Poured from a 12 oz bottle into a pilsner glass. Pours with 2 finger’s worth of a white foam head that dissipates to 1 fingers worth within 30 seconds. Is a pale yellow color. A large amount of bubbles began to rise as it was poured and continued to rise. Has strong aromas of white rice and malts. Slight hop aromas are present along with a mild, unpleasant chemical aroma. Initial taste is starchy with white rice (love it), but is combined with a strange chemical taste. Strong malt flavors immediately follow along with slight hop flavors. Carbonation is just right to where it tickles the tongue, but doesn’t burn the throat. Leaves the mouth pretty dry afterwards. This beer would be much better if that chemical taste wasn’t present and the malts were toned down a bit. Overall, a slightly below average beer. This pretty much the Coors Light of Japan. NOTE: The chemical taste becomes more apparent as the beer warms. Try not to let this one sit for too long.

OVERALL SCORE: 2.96 out of 5.

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