Silver Bells (Berliner Weisse) by whiprsnapr brewing co.

12 Days of Unfiltrd Beermas – Day 4:
Silver Bells (Berliner Weisse w/ Woodruff)

Brewer: whiprsnapr brewing co.

whiprsnapr brewing co. Silver Bells Review

whiprsnapr brewing co. Silver Bells Review by bosbeer blog

🗣 I’ve liked each experimental brew more than the last from days 1 to 3, and the 4th offering is the best thus far in my opinion.
This beer even made me say “wow” out loud! 😲

It beautifully balances the classic wheat, fruity and sour elements of a Berliner Weisse with the herbal, earthy and sweet raspberry additions from the Woodruff plant, making for a smooth and flavourful (especially for such a low ABV!) yet light and refreshing, fruity wheat beer that’s excellent.

This is my favourite and – in my opinion – the best Berliner Weisse I’ve had!

💪 4.0%
🖍 Cloudy, bright and golden dandelion-coloured body under a very small and fizzy head that evaporates instantly.
👃 Zesty, citrusy, fruity and salty aroma.
👄 Tart and effervescent medium body.
👅 Wheat-forward, herbal and fruity raspberry flavour with a smooth earthy sweetness and subtle notes of vanilla, cardamom and cinnamon.
🏁 Tart, clean and light sour finish.

Personal Rating: 9/10

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