Red Cavalry Noir (SIPA) by Root and Branch Brewing

@rootandbranchbrewing “Red Cavalry Noir” SIPA 6.3% abv Brewed w/ milk sugar and Strata hops; refermented on black raspberries

Brewer: Root and Branch Brewing

Root and Branch Brewing Red Cavalry Noir Review

Root and branch brewing red cavalry noir beer review by b33rlyalive

I think most craft beer enthusiasts would agree that one of our proudest moments is when our own obsession with this beloved beverage piques a budding interest within our dear companions. And when that companion is your life partner, it makes the moment all the sweeter (or rather sour as you’ll discover if you read on).

It took a little while for my wife to take a liking to beer, but it was just a matter of finding the right style – in her case sours, especially the mouth-puckeringly tart examples. And thus began her love affair with craft beer.

If it wasn’t obvious enough, my preference leans hoppy, so this latest release from R+B is the perfect marriage (pun intended) of both of our favorite styles of beer.

It pours a beautiful luscious burgundy into the glass, leading with flavors of tart raspberry, balanced with a subtle sweetness and just a touch of dankness imparted by the milk sugar and Strata hops, respectively. Its surprisingly light body makes this a refreshing late summer crusher. Cheers! 🍻
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