Port Cask Finish by Arran Whisky Review

At #8 on my list of the best whiskies for 2022 is the Arran Port Cask Finish, at 50% ABV it is a full flavoured whisky from the Isle of Arran in Scotland. The more Island whiskies I have been discovering the more i’m leaning towards it as my favourite region in Scotland with other great distilleries like Tobermory, Ledaig, Highland Park and Talisker grabbing more of my attention each year.

Brand: Arran Whisky

Arran Port Cask Finish Review

arran whisky port cask finish single malt scotch review by drams by dre

A couple virtual tastings i did with @thewhiskycompany allowed me to explore a huge selection of @arranwhiskyofficial whiskies and learn about the journey their distillery has been through and the direction they are headed. It was a fantastic experience and gave great insight into how Arran operates, it also pointed out to me that i loved basically everything they produced.

When building this list i wanted to make sure i factored in every component of the whiskies, including taste, packaging, price and uniqueness. The Arran Port Cask Finish hits high on all of these brackets with a flavourful, balanced and delicious whisky most importantly, presented in a beautiful new bottle and tube design with a really approachable pricepoint of around $100.

It is one of the better port cask whiskies i’ve had where the wine doesn’t overpower the spirit and allows the Arran character to shine, accentuating it rather than overbearing.

Nose: Bursting with berries immediately, blueberry, blackberry and raspberry jump out at me, followed by crisp sugar and orange poppy seed muffins, stunning nose.

Palate: Silky mouthfeel, spicy and full flavoured with cinnamon, hazelnut and dark chocolate. Dry oak, red berries and ribena round out a delicious palate.

Finish: Medium-long finish, sticky sweet with dark fruits, tangy citrus peels, dark chocolate and candied orange and oaky vanilla cap off an excellent and well rounded whisky.

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