“Obsidian Stout” (American Stout) by Deschutes Brewery

@deschutesbrewery “Obsidian Stout” (American Stout) 6.4%

Brewer: Deschutes Brewery

Deschutes Brewery “Obsidian Stout” Review

Deschutes Brewery obsidian stout review by beer_reviewer

Happy 4th of July! What better way to celebrate than a review of an American Stout that has 6.4% alcohol coming from the Deschutes Brewery in Oregon? Picked up this six pack of “Obsidian Stout” from Spec’s. Here we go, y’all: Poured into a Spiegelau stout glass. Pours with a finger’s worth of cinnamon colored foam that maintains. Black in color with a ruby tint. Bubbles are mild. Lacing is moderate. Has aromas of strong coffee, vanilla, and roasted malt with mild bitter chocolate aromas and a hint of alcohol. Initial taste consists of strong bittersweet chocolate flavors that combine with mild coffee and vanilla flavors. Strong roasted malt flavors enter the palate next along with subtle alcohol flavors as vanilla flavors fade very gradually, but coffee flavors persist in strength and bittersweet chocolate flavors grow stronger and just transform into bitter, earthy chocolate flavors. All of this results in a very bitter (but not exactly repulsive) aftertaste. Medium bodied, very creamy and smooth, with almost no carbonation and a dry finish that isn’t over the top. Another great beer from Deschutes (and another great stout from the beer multiverse), but it was a little bit too bitter for my taste.

OVERALL SCORE: 4.16 out of 5.

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