Nog Hog (Egg Nog White Stout) by whiprsnapr brewing co

@whiprsnaprbrew : Nog Hog (Egg Nog White Stout)

Brewer: whiprsnapr brewing co.

whiprsnapr brewing co Nog Hog review

whiprsnapr brewing co Nog Hog review by Bos Beer Blog

🎄Merry Christmas and happy holidays! 🎅🏻

🗣 This untraditional take on a traditional holiday drink is almost instantly satisfying and familiar yet new and intriguing.

— Side note: I’m quickly learning that “untraditional takes on traditional styles” seems to be Whiprsnapr’s M.O., and I love it! 😍 —

Whiprsnapr set out to use a White Stout as a base for a fun egg nog-inspired beer, and they succeeded in creating a great holiday brew!

I love the warm spice with the traditional creamy and sweet egg nog notes. My only critiques are the bitter note that I think takes away from the smoothness, and the fact that I have to take a Lactase pill before enjoying it because I’m lactose intolerant! (This won’t stop stop me from having another though! 😛)

💪 5.4%
🖍 Somewhat cloudy golden orange colour with a small frothy cream head.
👃 Lightly bittersweet orange, nutmeg and vanilla aromas with a hint of cinnamon.
👄 Rich, smooth and silky full body with sharp and bright carbonation. [12 IBU]
👅 Warm, spicy and sugary milk sweetness with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla.
🏁 Warm and bittersweet finish.

Personal Rating: 7.5/10

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