Holly Jolly Christmas (Mint & Juniper Kveik) by whiprsnapr brewing co.

12 Days of Unfiltrd Beermas – Day 10:
Holly Jolly Christmas (Mint & Juniper Kveik)

Brewer: whiprsnapr brewing co.

whiprsnapr brewing co Holly Jolly Christmas Review

whiprsnapr brewing co Holly Jolly Christmas review by bos beer blog

🗣 This is the kind of beer that gets me excited from the first sip! 😃

It’s difficult to capture the flavour profile in a coherent and concise description because it’s very complex and audacious, but I did my best! 🤓

It has a rich and complex flavour with seemingly contrasting elements somehow coming together for a cohesive and exciting adventure in a glass.

You have to try this beer!

💪 6.1%
🖍 Hazy golden copper colour with a small, silky and creamy head that lasts and leaves plenty of lace on the glass.
👃 Malty and bready yeast aroma with a hint of fruitiness.
👄 Creamy full body with mild carbonation.
👅 Fruity, funky, earthy and citrusy caramel, orange, banana, pineapple and lime flavours with a hint of mint.
🏁 Fresh juniper finish.


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