“Hollow Words Will Burn” (TIPA) by Fidens Brewing and Brujos Brewing

@fidensbrewing x @brujos_brewing “Hollow Words Will Burn” TIPA 10% abv. Hopped w/ Citra, Motueka, Nelson and Peacharine.

Brewer: Fidens Brewing

Brewer: Brujos Brewing

Fidens Brewing x Brujos Brewing “Hollow Words Will Burn” Review

Fidens Brewing x Brujos Brewing Hollow Words Will Burn beer review by b33rlyalive

It’s been a while since I’ve come across a beer so lauded as this, so my expectations were correspondingly high. TL;DR – not only is the critical acclaim warranted, but this very well might be the best hoppy I’ve had all year. The hype is real y’all! 🤯

It pours into the glass a supremely dense and creamy pale yellow – a beautiful color that portends the luscious creaminess of its body. It doesn’t get thicker than this. On the nose, I get the characteristic white wine grape notes of Nelson, along with sweet tropical fruit. I taste mango, grapefruit, lime, and a lovely tropical fruit medley. It starts off softly sweet, before becoming firmly bitter – a delicate balance that is masterfully executed and emblematic of both breweries’ signature styles. I tend to eschew TIPAs, but Fidens and Brujos have weaved fine sorcery to coax waves of flavors without a hint of booziness. Sip after sip, I’m still trying to discern all the notes, familiar yet elusive, before I am awaken from my reverie staring at the dregs of my glass. Sadly, this is my one and only can, but it makes the experience all the more special. Alas, if only one could drink their beer and have it too!

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