“Chili Beer” (Chili Beer) by Cave Creek Chili Beer Brewery

Name: Original C Cave Creek Chili Beer Brewery: Chili Beer Co., Arizona Style: Chile Beer Alcohol: 4.2%

Brewer: Cave Creek Chili Beer Brewery

Cave Creek Chili Beer Brewery “Chili Beer” Review

cave creek chili beer beer review by beer_reviewer

Good morning, everybody! Today is another #FoulBeerFriday!!! A reminder to those who may have forgotten, every Friday I review beers that have scored 2.99 or below. I picked up this single from Total Wine & More.

Name: Original C Cave Creek Chili Beer
Brewery: Chili Beer Co., Arizona
Style: Chile Beer
Alcohol: 4.2%

Poured from an 11.2oz bottle (best by date 21Sep15) into a pint glass.

LOOK: Pours with a… Chili pepper?! Yeah! This beer has an actual green chili pepper in it. Wow. Anyways… Pours with a line of white foam that dies into nothingness in the lengthy amount of 3 whole seconds. Pale straw yellow in color with a minimal amount of bubbles and absolutely no lacing (I know I keep saying this, and last time it was about Dogfish Head’s sahti beer, but THIS beer is the most physically unattractive beer I have ever seen).

SMELL: Has very strong aromas of chili peppers (almost burns the nose, but I kinda like it) that mix with mild buttered-bread malt and sugar aromas (not too bad of an aroma).

TASTE: Initial taste is of mild buttered-bread malt flavors. A split second passes as intense (but not unbearable) chili flavors hit the palate. A hint of sugar enters last as malt and chili flavors both increase in strength.

FEEL: It goes down pretty smooth and has virtually no carbonation. Honestly, this is not even horribly spicy like others made it seem. It’s spicier than the Taco Bell fire sauce, but that’s not saying much. Maybe it’s because I’m Mexican and am accustomed to eating spicy foods. However, my stomach is on fire, as I am not accustomed to drinking spicy beverages.

NOTE: This would be a perfect beer to pair with a burger, enchiladas, hot dogs, or just about any meal other than breakfast. Just please

DON’T DO WHAT I DID and drink this on an empty stomach. Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna go drink some Peptol. And yes, I ate the pepper. It was very rubbery.

OVERALL RATING: 2.95 out of 5

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